The Power Within: A Novel

Readers wanted!

*Cover is still a work in progress*

I started my first novel when I was eleven. For five years I worked on and off, adding, deleting, and revising again and again. I distracted myself with other novels and pushed this one aside many times.

Finally, after many trials, it is finished.

Well, almost.

The Power Within is a fantasy novel about a girl named Sophie and her time at the Hickks Academy, a place where children are taught to access parts of their personalities to Invocans animals. Sophie’s family has been kidnapped for unknown reasons, and, although Mr. Hickks has given her shelter at his academy, Sophie cannot shake the feeling that there is one puzzle piece that he is hiding…

I am now in the editing phase, and very ready to get the story up for folks to read!

New chapters will be posted every Wednesday as I finish my first round of edits. As you read, I have a request: Right now I am in need of readers to give me feedback and responses on each chapter. I know there are questions I might never think to address, and characters I might never see fit to develop. With your help, I can polish the story to its fullest extent. I would love it if you would help me take this vital step towards publishing as you read!


It’s hard to lose a family member. Even more difficult is losing an entire family all at once. Just think about it–how do four relatives simply vanish into thin air?!

For twelve years, Sophie Conifer has lived in comfort, safety, and innocence. One night, however, her family is wrenched from her grasp by unseen enemies, smuggled all at once into the unknown. With nowhere else to turn, Sophie is forced to follow a stranger to safety, while one sole question burns within: Why?

Sophie’s world is rocked upside down when she learns of a people with the power to access parts of their personalities and turn into animals. These people pledge to rescue Sophie’s family, but already, things are not adding up…

Sophie is taken to the Hickks Academy, where she hopes to find the answers she is looking for. Who captured her family–and why? Can the school’s youthful owner be trusted? From the safety of the academy, Sophie seeks the source of her family’s disappearance, but the deeper she digs, the less the puzzle makes sense.

Little does she know she is looking in all the wrong places. The real enemy is within…

…But will Sophie have the power to face it?

Well, that’s all for now. I’m looking forwards to sharing my story, and I hope you find it enjoyable.


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