About The Farm Story

It's a murder mystery comedy ("Ski Lodge" - see below) that I wrote when I was 13. Technically, it's my first novel, and you can trust me when I say it's very funny--partly because it was written to be funny, but mostly because of my 13-year-old-self's writing style.

Since it was my first novel, this book isn't intended to be a perfect work. The story's original syntax, plot, wording, etc. have been preserved for commemorative effect.

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Other Info

  • Book dimensions: 5x8 inches
  • 468 pages
  • 63,525 words
  • Glossy softcover

What is a ski lodge story?

In October 2015, I joined the web forum for Cricket Magazine, which is called the Chatterbox. (I was twelve.)

'Ski lodges' are a popular genre in the CB culture. They start with an invitation letter/scenario, and users (Chatterboxers) join the story with a packing list, an AE or two, and sometimes their CAPTCHAs. Ski lodge plots feature a comical murder mystery in which Chatterboxers read what happens to their characters day by day to find out whodunnit.

Traditionally, ski lodges progress by days, not chapters. Classic ski lodges feature daily installments that encompass one in-story day, with about one death per day. The CBer hosting the event posts under an alias, encouraging readers to guess their identity.

Ski lodges were originally created by a Chatterboxer named Sakura C. (AKA Ruby M.) under the alias TON/The Omnipotent Narrator around 2012.

Nowadays, ski lodges are much more diverse. In the past, they took place at actual ski lodges, but these days, they can be set anywhere--beaches, mountains, caves, castles, academies, tea parties, and more.

The Farm Story was started on November 30th, 2015 and completed almost exactly one year later. My username on the CB was Micearenice, and my alias for this story was "The Farmer's Assistant." I joined the story to throw off suspicion.

Here's the link to the original thread on Cricket where The Farm Story was posted: