This is Lady Rhea--a sculpture I made for an art competition. She took over 300 feathers, each individually glued, and several weeks to complete.
Her beak is made from Sculpey bake-able clay (sanded), dyed with alcohol-based wood dye, and textured on the nare with Elmer's school glue and melted plastic wrap to create the cuticle.

This is Lady Rhea, the chaos phoenix. She was handcrafted over the course of several weeks in early 2020 for an art competition.

Her composition includes over 300 feathers, each individually glued to a T-shirt skin padded with stuffing. Her core is made of a Styrofoam ball to give her back an arch; her tail is weighted with a pouch of aquarium pebbles.

Her neck and wings are posable. Her neck is made of the legs of a flexible tripod cushioned with stuffing and cloth. Hose connectors secure the legs together. Her wings were modeled after those of real birds and the "bones" are made of popsicle sticks connected by a long gardening wire to provide stability and flexibility.