Welcome to Base Camp

The K&G Microzoo is an ever-evolving online zoo featuring all kinds of creatures--but mostly the little ones.

It's a big world we live in, and it's filled with things large and small. Explore our exhibits and expeditions, where you will be immersed in a dynamic view of the world just beyond your windows.




Meet the animals of the Microzoo! Each exhibit offers facts for the featured species, as well as photos, videos, and information on our resident animals.

Grand Opening

It is with great excitement that the K&G Microzoo opens its digital doors! Come on in and take a look at our first exhibit: Bess beetles!

Bess Beetles

Bess beetles have been added to the zoo!

Fire Ants

A fire ant kingdom is on the rise! Visit Queen Ignis's cave to learn more about ants, and to track her progress as she rises from one sole ant to matriarch of a vast empire.

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