Arts & Crafts

The Gallery

View photos of my various arts and crafts, and watch tutorials and how-to videos!

Make Your Own Fuzzy Figurines

How can you turn dryer lint into something adorable? With a little bit of clay, glue, and creativity, it's possible! Not only that--it's easy.

How to Make Quill Pens

This simple tutorial goes over the easiest possible way to make feather pens that write!

The K&G Microzoo

The Microzoo

It's a big world we live in, and it's filled with things large and small. The K&G Microzoo is an online zoo featuring all kinds of creatures--but mostly the little ones.

Explore our exhibits and expeditions, where you will be immersed in a dynamic view of the world just beyond your windows.

Games & Activities

Periclum Castle

An interactive treasure-hunting adventure.

Old King Richard is long since dead, but rumors of his ancient treasure still live on. Are you brave enough to enter into Richard's abandoned castle, brave its dangers, solve the mystery, and find his treasure?

~Recommended for ages 10+
~1-3 hrs of fun!
~Simple set-up with detailed guide

Coming soon!


World of Fenroe

Meet the fenroe, a very unique and very diverse mammalian creature that lives on the continent of Silva. They share a deep connection with the world around them, and the magic of the land runs through their veins.

Coming Soon? Who knows what the future has in store!