Make Way for Kevin!

‘X’ marks the spot! How often do you find buried treasure in your home–stuff so old it’s almost new when you rediscover it? The best moment is unearthing a piece of writing that hasn’t seen the light of day in ages.

A while back I rediscovered (for the umpteenth time–I have a habit of forgetting and finding it repeatedly) this hilarious “novel” I wrote in elementary school about a very special boy named Kevin. This story is a #1 favorite between me and my sister–we reference it all the time–and it’s high time I put it up here.

My favorite book series at the time of writing about Kevin was Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye. If you’ve ever read the series, you’ll see some blatant similarities.

Well, here’s the story in all its glory–with original spelling, grammar, and everything. Enjoy! 😂

One day, a 15 year old boy named Kevin was playing with his younger 10 year old brother named Tyler. Boom! Poof! Fluffy feathers flew everywhere. “One point for me!” said Tyler.
“Ha!” said Kevin. He was just about to hit Tyler with an empty pillow when their mom called them to dinner. Now, Kevin was a different boy from the rest. He was smaller, and his mom keeps telling him he was found on her doorstep–naked.
Anyway, Kevin was a different boy and he was eating soup for dinner. “Guess what boys!” said Catherine, their mom. “For Summer Break, we’ll be going to SillyBob’s mine!”
“Yes!” the boys cheered in unison.
At bedtime, Catherine saw the boy’s mess. So she made them clean it up. So she tucked in the boys and went downstairs to write about what they would do on vacation.

CHAPTER 2: Next Week
Next week, the Arlo family was on the road! Even though it was a four hour drive, Kevin and Tyler had plenty to do. They played Eye Spy, Bingo, Concentration, and Seat Charades.
When they got there they went to house, or cabin #372. The family told the boys the rules (including no pillow fights) and went to bed for a big day tomorrow.
Do you like sleeping in? Well that’s just what Kevin’s parents like. Acept for that tiny fact: Kevin and Ty don’t! So the parents got jumped on. “Wake up!”
When the two-hour drive was done, the boys jumped out of the car. “Wait!” said their parents. “You need your gear!” When their gear; hats, goggles, long underwear, tool belt, and headlight, they went in.
Kevin went to the left, Catherine (Cat) and Ty went to the left, and Roger (the dad) went straight.

CHAPTER 3: The Light
Roger found some coal, Ty and Cat found diamonds, and Kevin just saw a purple light.
Kevin was walking towards it. He was surprised when he found a rock. It was no ordinary rock, though. It was a swirly, colorful, new world, rock. Kevin picked it up and it was big. And heavy. So Kevin hid it in his jacket.
When everyone went to the meeting spot, they drove home. Everyone talked about what they found. Ty and Catherine told about their diamonds. Roger told about his coal and how they could use it in winter. Kevin said he found nothing. When the four hour drive home was done, Kevin ran to his room.
[So just to be clear…they drove four hours to SillyBob’s mine, spent the night at cabin #375, drove two hours to the mine, and immediately drove four hours back to their house. Makes perfect sense! 🤣 ]

CHAPTER 4: The People
Kevin looked at his rock. He noticed a meadow, sky, clouds, houses and tiny people. He set it on his secret shelf and went down for lunch.
For lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches. When Kevin ate all his lunch, he went back to his room. it was a mess! “Tyler!” he said.
“Why did you mess up my room?”
“I didn’t.”
Kevin saw a tiny moving thing. He walked over. The tiny moving thing ran. He said “Don’t run!” Kevin gently said. The tiny thing stopped running. It came closer. Kevin held out his hand. It ran to it. Kevin lifted his hand. “What’s your name?,” Kevin asked.
“Luck,” he said.
“Well, Luck where are you from?”
“Your rock. The rock has a world in it. Your the only one who can see that. Everyone else thinks it’s a regular rock. The world is called Nub.”
Kevin smiled. “We need your help, Kevin.”
“Because our world is in danger.”
Kevin smiled again and put Luck in a box. He asked Luck, “What would you like in your temporary home?”
“I’d like a N–Oh yea you don’t have that stuff. I’d like a bed, toilet, fridge, table, pantry, and T.V.”
“O.K.” said Kevin. And he did give Luck that stuff.
After dinner, Kevin and Tyler went to bed.

…and I never wrote any more after that. But I think it’s perfect just the way it is, wouldn’t you agree? 👌

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