It Smells Delicious...


Oh. I think I’ll go with Theresa in the dining room,” you decide. “See you guys soon!”

Erin leads you and Theresa down various halls, taking twisting turns through lamplit corridors until you emerge in a vast chamber with a long wooden table decked with every type of food you could ever imagine. It’s so over the top you laugh out loud.

I know,” Erin agrees, understanding your amusement. “It’s ridiculous! Imagine having to set this every day! Zerin and I usually use the kitchen table,” she laughs.

Wow,” Theresa says. “This is more like a castle dining hall than one for a mansion.”

Agreed,” Erin says. “Where do you guys want to sit?”

Let’s sit by the turkey,” you suggest as your stomach growls. This moaning of your stomach is accompanied by another round of thunder, which rattles the plates.

Oh!” Erin exclaims, running to catch a bottle of dressing before it falls again. After she situates it securely in the center of the table, she announces that she’s going to go get the silverware.

We’ll help,” Theresa offers, and Erin thanks you both. You head into the kitchen, which looks surprisingly normal compared to the majesty of the dining hall. Together, you gather up as many forks, knives, spoons, and napkins as you can carry. On the way out of the kitchen, Theresa trips over a crack in the tiled floor, so you all stop to help retrieve the spilled utensils. The next thing you know, thunder is booming again, and you’re dropping your handfuls of utensils in surprise!

Laughing, the three of you opt to place the silverware in a tupperware and carry it in. You’ve delayed so long that by the time you arrive back in the dining room, Zerin and Ethan are back: each with new visitors.

Meet the Strangers