7 Days of Dragons: Day 1

Featuring seven unique dragon species created by me.

Species Profile

SPECIES: Moon Dragons


APPEARANCE: Smaller members of the family of Greater Dragons, Moon Dragons come in hues of deep purple, blue, and silver. Accent colors include silver, grey, purple, indigo, blue, and anything in between. Moon Dragons have highly reflective silver scales on their faces, necks, spine ridge, wing edges, and limbs. These scales shine brightly under even the slightest bit of light. Moon Dragons are slender with smooth horns that face straight back; they are built for flight rather than fighting.

LOCATION: Moon Dragons live in their own village in the mountainous center of Aiylas.


-Can gain energy from moonlight

-Perpetually neutral under any circumstance

-Can absorb Light and Dark into them because of their neutrality

-Due to their ability to absorb Light and Dark, they can attain a perfect balance of both and enter a place called the “Moonveil”, gaining the ability to see the future and affect reality from another side

-Respected by all other species, light and dark. No intelligent being has a quarrel with the Moon Dragons. It is the way things have always been. They benefit from a protection that comes from neutrality.

-Can breathe low-temperature flame in small amounts


STATUS: Sentient; social.

BEHAVIOR: Moon Dragons are neutral, never taking sides in any circumstance. They keep to their own highly structured way of life, apart from the rest of Aiylas. Moon Dragons are caring, peaceful, and generous. However, they have no toleration for those of their kind that deviate from the standards expected of their species. As Greater Dragons, they are widely renowned as a leading species of Aiylas, but do not ally themselves with any other species, nor do they have enmity between any other species.

CULTURE: Moon Dragons live in the center of Aiylas in a secluded, mountainous area with their own territory. They have a city of their own, full of domed houses sculpted from baked red clay. The city is divided into living quarters, social areas, a common mealtime area, shops, gardens, etc.

Moon Dragons are highly social and have a structured way of life. They spend a lot of time in each other’s company, eating meals together at the Terrace. Each dragon has its own job; some are in charge of hunting to feed the whole city, while others work for themselves in their shops, etc.

The Moon Sanctuary is the centerpiece of the Moon Dragons’ territory. It is where many dragons work and is carefully manicured.

Moon Dragons have the ability to “see the future and affect reality from another side” (‘Another side’ referring to the Moonveil). The Moonveil is the part of reality where thoughts and non-physical ideas/concepts reign, and time has a diluted effect. The dragon inside becomes the link between dream and reality.

THE MOONVEIL, MOONPROPHET, & MOONSPEAKER:There is only room for one dragon in the Moonveil at once, and the dragon inside is known as the Moonprophet. The Moonprophet uses its resources to help all creatures in Aiylas, great and small, by giving signs about current, past, and sometimes future happenings in Aiylas.

Becoming the Moonprophet is a great honor, and a rare one as well. The current Moonprophet is responsible for selecting its predecessor.

Moon Dragons are most famous for being the only species able to enter & survive in the Moonveil. They can dwell in the Moonveil for hundreds of years. No one knows what signals that a Moonprophet’s time in the Moonveil is over.

The Moonspeaker is a designated Moon Dragon whose task is to translate the Moonprophet’s signs.

Helpers known as ‘talons’ are assigned to carry out work within the Moon Sanctuary. Younger dragons will often be given tasks to help out various duties within the Moon Sanctuary as well.

Female; note the smooth head and neck
Males have double horns, raised spikes on neck, and nose spikes

A New Moonprophet is Chosen

Usually the Moonprophet’s choice of predecessor is announced by some sort of vision. It’s then up to the current Moonspeaker to train and prepare the dragonet for its future as Moonprophet.

“I’ll see you later, then,” Dancer said. “I’ve got to go help Talon Claw in the scroll room.”

“See you later,” Salvia agreed, shifting her wings happily as Dancer clattered off down the hall. At that moment, an uneasy twinge entered her stomach, but she shrugged it off as hunger.

Salvia turned back to the wide-open entrance to the sanctuary. Golden noon sunlight was streaming through, reminding her that lunch was on the way.

“Mm, I’d better hurry down to the Terrace,” she murmured, making her way outside. The smooth, white patio of the Moon Sanctuary’s entrance reflected the heat of the sun, and Salvia felt herself relax. But as she made for the sanctuary stairs, an odd sensation overcame her. The world seemed to grow louder.

Salvia shook her head and the feeling dissipated. But she was left with an oddly heightened sense, every scale prickling as if expecting something. She felt charged, as if struck by a lightning bolt.

Salvia exhaled, unsure of what she was feeling. Was she getting sick? Maybe she was just really, really hungry. Yeah. That was probably it.

When the dragonet reached the bottom step, she flared her wings out and launched herself into the air. For a minute she flailed through the air over the sanctuary’s gardens, accidentally deflowering a bush with her wings–she had always been a little clumsy when it came to flying–but she finally regained control, and was able to safely soar out of the sanctuary and over the village.

Salvia watched the buildings flash below her as she flew past. Looking ahead, she could see smoke rising from where the terrace was located. Beyond that, she could hear the ocean.

Salvia was so busy focusing on not flying into the other dragons headed out to the terrace for lunch she didn’t notice the uneasy, charged feeling begin to flare up inside her. All of a sudden it was as though someone had rammed her in the gut, and she was gasping for air, and her wings weren’t working–

Salvia felt herself veer sharply to the left, beginning to fall, but she was focused on something directly in front of her face. It was a moon, and coming in behind that, a sky of stars…

The ground was rushing up so quickly–dragons were calling as she let out a squeak of surprise–

A white flash went across Salvia’s vision, and all else was blocked out. A low, ambient humming filled her mind.

There was the moon, to her left, a hanging orb in an indigo sky. It was full, but as it moved towards Salvia it waned in fast motion. Other sights flashed across her gaze as the moon moved–herself. Others. The moon–but not the moon.

The moon in the stars kept moving. And just as it swung directly in front of Salvia’s wide green eyes, it became a new moon.

As she watched, Salvia felt things–suggestions…explanations? Like the vision was being narrated without words. Somehow she knew that this thing (whatever it was) was–was a part of her. It filled her with a sense of purpose, not mystery.

The moon passed to Salvia’s right. The stars began to glow brighter as the moon waxed, and the ambient humming grew louder. The odd sensation of unintelligible words became stronger, and she could almost hear murmurings in the air.

The flashes came at a faster rate. Dragons. Animals she’d never seen before, interacting. Salvia felt frightened; the sense of surety that the vision had provided was fading fast. The moon hung above everything she saw, and it glowed, full, never waning no matter how far ahead the flashes took her.

And Salvia saw it all.

She wasn’t in her own vision. She was the vision. And yet it somehow seemed that she, Salvia, was the focus of the vision.

Her head began to hurt.

And suddenly it was over.

An excerpt from a larger draft; written by Anna Garner.

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