The Power Within - Weekly Release

Beta readers wanted!

I recently finished my first novel, The Power Within. Now that I'm in the editing phase, there's nothing I need more than a few extra minds not only to test the plot of the story, but to give me feedback and responses for each chapter. I would love it if you would help me take this vital step towards publishing!

I will upload a new chapter for you to read each Wednesday after editing.

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Magic - A Short Story

"Magic" is a short story with a mysterious air about it that will keep you on your toes. This imaginative tale has been described by readers as "mind twisting." Interpretation is left to the imagination, and that's the magic of the story.

"I kept thinking about it after I read it." -RG

Into the Labyrinth

You're off to catch up with two old friends you haven't seen in years. However, it seems something is amiss in their mountain mansion...What could be lurking within Erin and Zerin's labyrinth? What secrets lie inside the house? This mysterious Choose-Your-Own-Adventure has plenty of surprises in store...

Igniting Imagination

Embark on adventures for the imagination through storytelling! From games to stories to artwork, everything here is designed not only to entertain, but to inspire. In fact, more than just stories are shared on Dragonwriter. Explore projects, series, games, and more, each of which was born with one goal in mind: To ignite a creative spark in each and every visitor.

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Story Den

From thoughtful short stories to excerpts from full-length novels--plus sneak peeks at upcoming projects--the story den is simultaneously a quiet corner and a place of wild adventure! Come, find yourself a seat by the fireplace and settle down with a story or two!

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Choose Your Own Adventures

Embark on a journey of your own in one of the dragonwriter's exclusive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories! Countless twists and turns await you--which adventure will you choose?

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Have you ever had a wonderful idea flash into your mind, only to have it flit away a second later? Never fear! The inspiration station is here to keep the boredom far away! Although not all ideas are carried to fruition here, you never know...the perfect project might be waiting just for you.

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